Monday, September 19, 2011

Ka-Boom! Zip! Zoom! Poof! Batman Drawing Challenge.


A big handful of my college/animation friends are big fans of Batman.
To celebrate the release of a new Batman game (Arkham City), they decided to make a 30 day batman drawing challenge.
While I was not able to participate myself, it has been a blast to see their work every week. Its a highlight for me.
Since I've had so much fun checking out their stuff, I thought I would make some art to celebrate their accomplishments now that they are nearing the end of the challenge!

(I drew this a couple weeks ago and just got it scanned, so, I apologize to my buddies Dante Tumminello and Tim Bauer who I didn't find out were part of the drawing challenge until after I had the drawing nearly complete! AHHH! Sorry guys!)

Good job everyone! You make batman proud.
Seeing everyone's contrast in art styles and creativity is awesome and inspiring.
(Miss you guys and gals, hope everything is going great!)

(Pictured: Bane, Angel Onofre, Trevor McCandless, Troy Fulkerson, Davis Nguyen, Mike Wytrykus.)
(Not pictured: Dante Tumminello, Tim Bauer) (.....fighting crime elsewhere)

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