Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Animation Mentor- Class 1


Above is the link to the work that I did for Class 1 at Animation Mentor!
My mentor was Keith Osborn. What a great teacher. At the following link, you can check out his reel! http://keithosborn.com/

Although I am not a master yet, by any means... I am learning so much! I started Animation Mentor in the "Maya Springboard" program and was taught by instructor Michael Howen... a big thank you to him and Keith for all the support and helping me get started on my adventure to learn CG character animation. My reel is only a collection of playblasts and screenshots.. and the screen shots are a bit deformed in the format size of the video, which I plan to fix.

Following is the sketches and planning I did for class 1:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oldies but Goodies

While going through my computer, I came across some of my old characters...
Model sheets, poses, and expressions!

From top to bottom: Bobby Bread, Loaf, and Krista Crustless

A lot of things about this character are still in the works. I have changed the colors several times and am still experimenting with it a bit. Cat characters may be a little over done, but they sure are fun to draw!

This is Eli.

Monday, March 19, 2012

girlfriend art

Coffee can be a real life-saver in the mornings. So, I've made it a routine to start Sarah's day off right with a fresh cup.
I started this a while back, and just recently put color to it. Although I would like to add some shading, I think it is looking pretty good so far. This is full of inside references between Sarah and I.

-We both love Chinese food (the labels say "Love" and "Happiness"....
-We both met while working at Porter Hospital and would routinely play "Marco/Polo" to find one another throughout the hospital.
-Under the T.V. are shows and movies we've watched together. On top of the T.V. are flowers, a stuffed "wild thing" and stuffed giraffe ( Something I had surprised her with after a job interview.)
-The frame on the wall mimics a picture we have together before Sarah went blonde, and it is surrounded by movie and concert tickets that we attended together.
-Of course, the pug in my hands is Zoe. She can be wild and crazy... but she is definitely a part of the family.

The loved ones in my life motivate me, support me, and inspire me.
Sarah is a huge part of that inspiration.
So, to Sarah: I love you and thanks for everything.